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Hello and welcome to our Affliate Program.  This program is a very lucrative Pay Per Sale opportunity.  Here at BirdMad Media we publish eBooks on topics that are relevant to our industry and sell them online.  Every download is $1 and as an affiliate you earn $.33 on every sale you make.  Simply sign up with Click2Sell (It's Free) if you're not already a member and then visit our Affiliate Links page and select the book you wish to sell, join the affiliate program attached to that book, grab your back links and start earning!  Click2Sell tracks all cookies (Lifetime Cookies) and affiliate links and we pay out every 2 weeks with PayPal, it's that simple. This is a quick money making opportunity for any super affiliates out there that can get 10,000 $1 downloads without blinking an eye.  That would mean a quick easy $3,300 for you!  


Don't wait any longer, sign up today!  Go to our Affiliate Links page, find an eBook to sell and click "Start Selling!" to learn more!  Thank you for visiting and we hope you make A LOT OF MONEY!! :)


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