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Music must be submitted in the following format MP3 (at least 128kbps):

All Tracks must have the following information:
– Name of Artist
– Name of Song & Album (if it's not off of an album let us know if it's a Single or if off of an EP)

Submission of music does not guarantee your song will be played on-air or added to our website.

By submitting your music to BirdMad Media, LLC, you have given us permission to broadcast or otherwise exhibit your music, in whole and/or in part on the radio, through our website, internet streams or anywhere else BirdMad Media's program is broadcasted, be that online or brick and mortar.

Please attach all of your contact information, social media links, and a brief bio or EPK with your music submission.  If you have a band photo, please attach that as well.  All MP3s, pictures, posters, or flyers submitted to BirdMad Media, LLC becomes the property of the station and will not be returned.

Please ensure that ALL submissions are “CLEAN RADIO” versions.

Please Note:
– The song must first be submitted through the proper channels. You must follow rules or your song submission will be rejected.

– We will only open songs that meet the file type requirements (MP3, at least 128kbps quality but we would certainly love higher). WE WILL NOT DOWNLOAD MUSIC FROM LINKS EMAILED TO US.

– Songs must be ‘Broadcasting Commission Compliant’ – which means songs MUST be clean versions only.

Please email your music to:

(If you have any issues please email us at this same address and let us know what's going on.)

Thank you so much for your submission, we look forward to hearing it!

By submitting music to BirdMad Media, LLC, you are agreeing to the terms listed above as well as agree with the terms listed above.  If you do not agree the terms listed above, please DO NOT submit your music.  Submitting your music to BirdMad Media, LLC means you are agreeing to the terms listed above on this page.  Thank you in advance! - BirdMad Media Management

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