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Joe Flanagan & The Gang!

(A Podcast)


Hello and Welcome!  Thank you for joining us for this new podcast called Joe Flanagan and The Gang.  Joe spent over 30 years producing a television series called Joe’s Job.  He tried 1500 jobs throughout Hampton Roads, and wasn't hired for any one of them!

Now, he’s asking Tony Zontini and his son John Zontini, along with longtime personality Alfredo Torres, to join him as The Gang!  Each podcast Joe and The Gang talk to people about the good, the bad and the ugly of THEIR careers and THEIR lives.  Everybody’s got a story and these are fantastic.  The Butcher who also fights wild fires, the Baker that built a non-profit to feed the homeless, and the candlestick maker that saves lives as an EMT.

Check us out.

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