Social Network Training takes your current social media efforts and streamlines them to achieve the best social media results possible for your company through the RIGHT social channels.  Once we've found the best formula we then train your staff.


If you are already using social media but not seeing the results you are looking for, then we can help get your business headed in the right direction.  If you are a brand new business and need social media we are here to help get you in the game and make your presence known.  Contact us today for your Free quote and consultation.

Branding is a big result of the services we provide.  When your companies name goes out on the web across hundreds and sometimes thousands of individuals a day, and it does it on a weekly basis, that's reach!  Social Media is one of the easiest and largest ways to make your mark, increase your reach and engage an audience. Don't let another second go by; Let us make a plan that takes aim at strengthening your Brand!  Contact us today!

BirdMad Media's Consulting services take an overview of where your companies social media efforts are, where you want them to be, and then provides a plan to reach that goal & your targeted audience through social network channels.  Keeping things to the point and down to earth saves both time and money.  Take it a step further with Social Network Training to provide those working within your organization an edge over your competition!  Contact us today for a Free quote!

Great websites don't have to be complicated or expensive.  We help you achieve your vision online while you take care of business offline. With our custom website service, we work closely with you to achieve the best site that works for your business.  We have on staff photography ready to tackle any job with other services such as Drone / Aerial Photography & Video available as well.

Nothing says Be Here Now! more than live coverage of your event on Social Media.  It's also a great way to document your party!  We help you make a statement and share memories AND BirdMad Media is the Exclusive provider of this service Anywhere.  Live Performances; Social Events; Social Gatherings; Political Events; Corporate Parties; BirdMad Media will be there LIVE as the party goes on!  For more information on Social Event Media contact us today!

GeoFencing is location based marketing.  In real time, we use the physical location of where people are or have been to power online display advertising campaigns to precisely determine who gets to see which ad and when they see it.  Programmatic or Real Time Bidding (RTB) has revolutionized the way display advertising is bought and managed in recent years. Rather than placing a booking for advertising directly with a website, we manage activity through a technology platform (Demand Side Platform) and bid to advertise to people in real time across multiple websites based on targeting criteria.  We use exact GPS coordinates to power our campaigns. Our geospatial technology is 30x faster than anything else currently offered on the market. Additionally, we can use real-time location to build online marketing segments.

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(GeoFencing is paid advertising with real time bidding of impressions.  Our monthly minimum for Static Ads is $700 in order to provide measurable results.  All monthly impressions are estimates, results vary per client & campaign.  All Prices include Ad Creation & Design.  Click to CREATE an Ad Now!)

Video Creation:  All of our Video Ad prices include Video Ad Creation.  Camera's & Drone for video and aerial photography included.

(GeoFencing is paid advertising with real time bidding of impressions.  Our monthly minimum for Video Ads is $800 without video ad creation and $1,000 with video creation in order to provide measurable results.  All monthly impressions are estimates, results vary per client & campaign.  Click to CREATE an Ad Now!)

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