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Radio is not dead is right!  More than ever people are listening to online radio stations, podcasts, interviews, documentaries and more.  Traditional radio is usually heavily regulated with national playlists that don't really change for decades, online radio stations are booming with diversity and therefore thriving with listeners all over the world.  With traditional radio advertising, it tends to be quite expensive and like with any marketing, it's a huge gamble to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars a month and not see anything from it.  Believe it or not, there are a lot of stories like this out there....  

BirdMad Media has partnered with iHeart Radio and Pandora Radio in an effort to bring you online air time for less!  The normal ad budget for traditional airwaves truly is quite expensive and they do ask for a very large sum per month to get your content out there.  This can be upwards of $5000 - $10,000 per month or more.  Not every business has that level of finance to put towards radio ads but at the same time, many business owners know that getting their products on airwaves immensely helps their reach, sales and brand awareness. With targeted online radio ads aired through iHeart Radio and Pandora Radio, you'll spend a fraction of that budget per month and we here at BirdMad Media will make you a personalized radio spot that can be used on radio waves or distributed elsewhere to market your business. 


Both iHeart Radio and Pandora Radio recommend 30 Second Advertising Spots for online radio air time to maximize your budget and the value of the ad itself.  Too short and you may not give listeners enough time to remember what they heard, too long and you run the risk of losing a listeners attention and they may then change the station so the 30 second spot is the most highly recommended time for ads.  Using studio quality recording equipment and software combined with our subscribed access to thousands of backing tracks for music or effects, we'll make you a completely custom radio advertisement for online radio play or the audio file can be distributed elsewhere for more marketing opportunities.


We are very excited to offer this service and can not wait to work with you!  If you're interested in online radio advertising, contact us today!


Ad Creation & Minimum Ad Budgets:

Both iHeart Radio and Pandora Radio ask for minimum monthly ad spend budgets.  We don't charge extra to manage your campaigns, our management fees are built in so you get one solid price, nothing hidden. 

Prices and Packages for Targeted Ads:





  #1. iHeart Radio Only:

        - Minimum Monthly Ad Spend Budget: $1200 per Month

        - Ad Creation: $500 per advertisement

  #2. - Pandora Radio Only:

        - Minimum Monthly Ad Spend Budget: $1200 per Month

        - Ad Creation: $500 per advertisement

  #3. - iHeart Radio & Pandora Radio:

        - Minimum Monthly Ad Spend Budget: $2400 per Month

        - Ad Creation: $500 per advertisement

Unless you require a new or updated radio ad, you can run any ad we create for you, simply choose your station, ad spend budget and then sit back and listen to the magic!

Radio Ad Example Reel: John Zontini


BirdMad Media will NOT play and does NOT except any radio advertising audio from outside sources.  Both radio platforms have very strict regulations on the quality of the audio and production of the commercial.  It all has to go through an approval process.  We here at BirdMad Media have the equipment and software to make sure your ad is crisp, clear, catchy and of the level to pass.  We understand you may already have an ad that you may be looking to run, we try to keep our production costs low so you can spend more on the ad itself.  We apologize if this causes any inconvenience and we thank you for your understanding.

Minimum Service Agreement / Cancellation Policy:

BirdMad Media is a month to month media agency.  Our services renew after each month so there are no long term contracts.  If you would like to cancel your services, all we require is a 30 day prior notice in advance.  For more information on this, please see our CANCELLATION POLICY.

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