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Finding Rhythm with your Posts

So it’s 6:30 in the morning, you're up early to strut your social media stuff and you have no idea what to post. This isn’t uncommon even for professionals. A strong burden of social networking is simply keeping up with it all. After a while this could become cumbersome but if you find a good rhythm and do things a little ahead of time, you may find it to be pretty manageable.

If you own a business or use social media a lot and need to be on top of things a good way to do so is with social media management software. We use Hootsuite and have for years and find it to very good at getting our posts out to all of our pages. Using scheduling software such as this allows you to take the time, when you have it, to keep up your posting rhythm without pulling all of your hair out. Some platforms have the ability to schedule your posts in advance. Facebook has scheduling capabilities for instance that you can utilize that will allow you to put out your posts on whatever day you want and at whatever what time you choose.

Getting ahead is always a great way of staying on top of things and it allows you to simply manage and share your posts as needed each day, or however many times you post each week, without being burdened with doing it daily. It can get quite mundane, we understand. So get on Google and do a quick search for social media management tools and see what pops up on the search. You may find Hootsuite works for you, they do have a free account that allows for a certain number of platforms.

Make Today Great!

John Zontini

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