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Importance of Engagement in Social Media

When it comes to content it's everywhere, I mean absolutely everywhere. There isn't a place, nook, corner or cranny you could explore on the web that doesn't give you something to post BUT, and that's a strong but, is it engaging. One question most don't ask before putting their words to well, digital print, is will this information be valuable to my audience and will it be a good representation for my business.

The importance of engagement is just as valuable as any other part of your social campaign maybe even more. You never want to bore your audience but you want to make sure you give them something to either enjoy or chew on. Of course it’s a good idea to toot your own horn but make sure you have a rhythm of things and don’t do it too often.

Now let’s say you’ve posted something engaging and people are replying and liking your post. It’s not a bad idea to respond to these likes, maybe thank someone for liking their page, or certainly replying to the comments on your page within 24hrs. You never want your pages to show inactivity and the more engagement you provoke the more engaging your page will be. Another great engagement trick is to wish people Happy Birthday or to send them gifts like, $5 to Starbucks on a job promotion. It tends to be the little things that helps us stand out in the minds of our clients. Doing things like this is an old school approach to making lasting connections online through engagement.

Make Today Great!

John Zontini

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