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How Often Should I Post? What's the Right Formula?

Excellent Question! How many of you reading this have a friend or an account on your news feed that just won’t get the hint and just keeps posting all day, every day. This my friends, is not the way to do it. You never want to grand stand all the time, it’s not going to get you positive attention. We know you want the entire world to see and hear your stuff and that you want to make money online right now as promised by the great committee of “they” but guess what, you have to build an audience to speak to and bombarding them with post after post is not the way to do it.

At BirdMad we’ve revolutionized the way we make content work for you so we can make your daily content work all day with just one post rather than having to post multiple times each day. That’s not to say that multiple posts each day is detrimental. If your business has that much going on then by all means you gotta keep up and keep everyone informed but if you don’t have that much activity, creating more to get more fans isn’t going to work.

Yes, you should post something every day. We know it can be a pain in the you know what to get up and post each day but hey, your competition is doing it and if they’re not doing it then you’re ahead of the game. You can achieve this very easily by utilizing social media management software. Visit our blog, “Finding Rhythm with your Posts,” to see how these tools can help you keep up with posting each day.

So in conclusion, you need to post each day and 2, maybe 3 at most. Just making sure you get one out each day will certainly ensure you have a voice in the online game. Now, which platforms should you invest your time in? That’s a whole other blog just make sure you represent yourself at least once a day somewhere and if not each day, at least 3-4 times a week.

Make Today Great!

John Zontini

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