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What the Golden Goose and Her Egg Have to do With Social Media.

Put plainly, social media is the most popular of places to put your stuff. Be it personal business or legitimate business, social networks offer the largest platform for gaining attention and building an audience.

A lot has been achieved via the internet since its creation and a lot has evolved because of it. One thing’s for sure, in today’s online market, if your image, brand, products, website or any other digital media, i.e. review sites, look out of date, have misinformation or are unmanaged, they then become a negative working against you and your business. By simply applying better management to your online media you can avoid 90% or more of your problems.

So let’s say your online image is represented by the Golden Goose. She represents your websites, review sites, social media pages, blogs, etc… and her Golden Egg would represent a sale or new client. It is very important to make sure that your Golden Goose stays healthy so it’s important to hire the right manager or have the right management team. A professional management team will be like a pit crew and make sure the bird is looking good, is clean and healthy and representing her team to the fullest. But, just like in racing, you can’t run a car without gas just as a bird can’t live or produce eggs without food. That food is paid advertising. There are two sides to social media management. The organic side which consists of making posts, changing pictures, making photo galleries, tagging, sharing, liking, etc… everything manual that a person can do on a page to interact with their audience and or draw positive organic attention to the page / business. The other side is managing paid advertising efforts. It is important, if you can, to put money towards targeted marketing. This allows your business to reach potential clients that would not normally be connected to your social networks organically. In order for anyone to reach these folks, you’ve got to pay for it. That’s where organic management and paid advertising go hand and hand. When someone sees your sponsored post and clicks on it, you want your page and online content to impress and most of all be current. BirdMad Media is or pit crew, we manage your pages and keep them looking good with up to date posts 7 days a week. We look at your entire page and make sure its overall feel and flow are right on with content and our clients business. If you are having to do this by yourself, be sure not to spread yourself thin. It’s better to have a few very well managed pages than a lot of poorly managed ones. Be sure your review sites have the best up to date information and that you respond any way you can to any reviews that come in. It’s one thing to have a bad review but if you respond to it with A+ customer service then you skirt some of the damage done. By responding to these reviews your are showing whoever is looking that you respond and work with your clients. It shows you care and that you’re willing to do what it takes to make it right. This is sometimes the very thing that can win over a client. You never know who’s looking.

In conclusion it’s good to make sure your Golden Goose is healthy with a great manager or management team. Excellent organic management will bring in customers, it depends on the product and the demand but don’t forget to budget for a little bit of food, paid advertising, to ensure a healthy balance of marketing and reach an audience outside of your immediate circle.


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