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Social Media Management | What You’re Sold vs What You Get

In our world of social media management, keeping things in line and making sure the job gets done is the easy part. In fact, it’s so easy, we’re wondering why there are so many companies offering anything less. Often times, “brands,” like to sell you on the idea that since they are so recognized, why wouldn’t they be able to do a good job for you right? I mean come on, it’s “Company X,” they’re a tech company, surely they know what they’re doing. And then there’s the company that makes it sound awesome that your posts get published to ALL of your social media sites at once and after you get their service.. you still have to make you’re posts every day and come up with material, which is usually the frustrating part after a while, and usually why most look into getting help with social media.

The truth is, if a business is looking for help with social media, chances are, they don’t want to continue having to manage their page and come up with content every day. Almost all of our clients have told us at one time or another, “I’m so glad you’re here, I don’t have time for this $%@&.” A true social media management company should not only provide you with what we call, “down the hall,” services, (Services that mimic in house employment), but they should also know how to organically distribute you’re material. Let’s look at specifics real quick. If you’re page has less than 8,000-10,000 Likes, don’t expect 500+ people to see your posts every day. Most companies realize that numbers matter and so should an organic social media manager. They should be able to take your material and share that information with ambassador channels and places where it has the chance to be seen organically, without paid advertising, by as many people as possible.

Let’s say you’re an apartment complex and you’ve hired to do your social media. Now they have a fancy website and a brand BUT, after personally looking at their work they fall VERY short of providing anything close to true social media management. They post on your page and provide you with a back office to see your progress. There may be a few other services but they sure don’t act like a real, in house, social media manager. It’s important to learn how to recognize what is and isn’t a good service. Don’t just get sold on a package deal or what you think to be something good. Do some research on the profession of the service you wish to hire so you can have the knowledge as well and know if what they are talking about is legitimate or not. Don’t be fooled by imitation management services that at the end of the day, still require you to have to come up with your own content and don't push your brand or material.

We believe in real deal, one on one communication and interaction with our clients. We not only provide you with outstanding organic page management but we also work your content. We distribute your material in places every day. We provide companies with REAL, true complete organic social media management. If you’re social media management provider is not the same as hiring an experienced, educated, in house social media manager, then you are getting ripped off. Don’t settle for anything less than the most out of your business and investments. If you’re in need of social media management services, try us today for FREE for 7 Days. Thank you for reading! Have an outstanding day!

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