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Getting the Girls on the Range!

We're having a ton of fun down at C2 Shooting Center. Recently we were invited to come grab some shots of one of their shooters, Jennifer Olivia. Representing companies like First World Solutions, Performance Firearms and Ronin Tactics, Jennifer was grabbing some one on one time with the Director of Operations, James Wendt, to hone skills and work on transitions. C2 offers not only a large public range where you can draw from the holster and shoot steel with pistol and rifle but they have an extensive one on one coaching program as well as group training like their CSTAT (Combat Shooting Training and Tactics) program. If you're in Hampton Roads, Va and enjoy the sport, we highly recommend C2. It's only a little bit more of a drive and at the same prices as the indoor ranges on the blvd, you get a ton more bang for the buck. Have a great day! See you on the range!

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