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"12 Apps To Stay Productive And Boost Your Business On Social Media"

Social media can be overwhelming, for amateurs as well as for professionals. While there are hundreds of mobile apps to help maintain your brand on social media, there are also the “good guys” that can actually help you get more things done in less time and stay organized on social media. Here are 12 mobile apps millennials can use to boost productivity and build their businesses on social media.

1. Planoly

“Planoly is an Instagram planning and scheduling app, which allows you to organize your visual feed more efficiently. You can plan your entire feed a week or even a month in advance and waste less time daily on it. The app allows you preview how they will look on Instagram and schedule them for publishing on a specific day and time. It will send you a reminder when it’s time to post.” – Tom De Spiegelaere, CEO of MangoMatter.


“This website and app has a huge collection of simple automation recipes that tie your apps together and streamline common actions. For instance, auto-share your new post on WordPress to Facebook or share popular NYT posts with your followers on LinkedIn etc. These simple automations called applets can save you hundreds of precious minutes per day.” – Chris Newton, CEO of Cloud Load.

3. Over

“Over is a handy app that helps you create attractive text overlay images to use all over your social media. You can either upload your pics or purchase great stock photos from their collection, use the variety of free fonts and match colors effortlessly with a color sampler tool. Creating a batch of great visuals takes less than 20 minutes and you don’t get overwhelmed with additional functionality as when using Photoshop.” – Anita Khurana, CEO of Vision Tech Camps.

4. Facebook Pages Manager

“Managing more than one FB page and responding to all the comments can be a hassle. It allows you to schedule all types of posts in advance, access Facebook insights to track the engagement levels, growth and reach. If those are low, you can also create targeted boost posts straight from the app.” – Bassel Ghaddar, CEO of Majestic Glass.

5. Pocket

“Pocket app allows me to save all types of content offline to read later. If you curate content for your brand, you can organize all the posts in a separate collection and schedule them later when you have time. Great app to keep your eye on the industry buzz on your own terms.” – Clayton Cross, CEO of Predikkta.

6. Spoiler Block Pro

“This handy app allows you to filter your Twitter feed and block certain content based on the keywords you add. Tired of the trending buzz? Don’t want to get overwhelmed with all the updates from a conference you are not attending? Or just block those over-sharers? Set a blocker for this kind of updates and keep your focus razor sharp on what matters to you right now.” – Chris Walker, CEO of The SEO Expert.

7. Buffer

“Buffer is arguably the most comprehensive app to manage all your social media activity. We schedule all of our daily Twitter posts at 1st Art Gallery a few months out and then we have time to interact with customers who tweet at us or mention us. Without Buffer we wouldn’t be able to do that. We’ve also found it can schedule, publish and analyze posts for a variety of networks including Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.” – Mike Mitchell, CEO of 1st Art Gallery.

8. Mention

“Mention app delivers real-time mentions of my brand from around the web straight to my phone. I can simultaneously monitor my personal name and brand mentions across different social media channels, set up smart alerts, immediately interact with people who engaged with me and receive customizable analytics. Yet, the best productivity feature of this app is anti-noise management – a smart tool that analyzes the sentiment around my brand and delivers only valuable insights to my inbox sans the noise.” – Chris Stoy, CEO of Hutchison & Stoy.

9. Trello

“Trello is a neat visual project management tool, which allows creating different boards for different projects, share and upload files, collaborate with others, create to-do lists and assign tasks. You can use this tool to organize materials for different social networks, exchange ideas with your team and keep your entire strategy well organized in one place.” – Jim Gray, CEO of Rock Doctor.

10. Echophon

“Echophon helps me organize my entire Twitter feed in a more productive way. It shows me only unread tweets and auto-syncs the data across different devices, allows muting selected users, sharing tweets beyond 140 symbols and efficiently tracking all the ongoing conversations without spending hours on this network.” – Pat Borden, CEO of DMI Office.

11. Snapseed

“Snapseed is a powerful photo editing app, which can easily rival Photoshop, but not in terms of complexity. Turing a meh picture into a crispy, Instagram-worthy image takes less than a minute. If you need to leverage your visual marketing game without wasting a lot of time for that or getting paid software, try this app.” – Gary Gray, CEO of Coupon Chief.

12. Analytiks

“Analytiks delivers glanceable insights from different social media channels including Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Pinterest and other networks. You can easily flip between mobile and desktop traffic stats; choose to track more than one website and convert the latest analytics stats into attractive infographics to share with your team.” – David Leibowitz, CEO of Mulligan Funding.

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