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Programmatic Advertising

GeoFencing is location based marketing.  In real time, we use the physical location of where people are or have been to power online display advertising campaigns to precisely determine who gets to see which ad and when they see it.  Programmatic or Real Time Bidding (RTB) has revolutionized the way display advertising is bought and managed in recent years. Rather than placing a booking for advertising directly with a website, we manage activity through a technology platform (Demand Side Platform) and bid to advertise to people in real time across multiple websites based on targeting criteria.  We use exact GPS coordinates to power our campaigns. Our geospatial technology is 30x faster than anything else currently offered on the market. Additionally, we can use real-time location to build online marketing segments.

What Makes Us Unique

Cross-Device Targeting: Our technology pairs individual users with their various mobile (smartphone and tablet) and desktop devices.  This allows us to deliver a seamless cross-device advertising experience.  Additionally our technology allows us to track cross-device conversions as well.

Multiple Ad Formats: We can serve a single user several different ad sizes, on any screen and in multiple formats which includes desktop, smartphones and tablets. In doing so, we have a 98% reach into American households.

Display: Agility's display ad framework can support 39 unique ad sizes to accommodate desktop, smartphones and tablet users. Our HTML5 framework functions like a website.  This means our ads can do just about anything a website can.

Reporting & Transparency

Automated Reporting: Performance reports, available in multiple formats and delivered right to your inbox as often as you would like. 

Ready to Start Your Campaign?  Contact us Today!

To get started simply contact us for a FREE consultation. Please be sure to provide the following information when emailing or leaving a message:


1. A working phone number where you can be reached with your name and extension if applicable


2. Type of business you have and or the services you are inquiring about


If you prefer to call our office we can be reached at 1-757-689-7779 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (EST)



* Please make sure to provide a way for us to get back in touch with you. Without this information we will not be able to follow up.  Thank you for inquiring into BirdMad Media!

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